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Comfort Zone

2016, Shoonya - Centre for Art & Somatic Practices, Bangalore

Inspired by a photo of a chair installation and a conversation about the act of "sitting" to watch a LIVE show, the idea for an installation based performance titled "Comfort Zone" was born. Through the piece, the performance artist Archana Kumar, hopes to blur the line that defines "the performer" and the "viewer/listener". The piece aims to allow the audience to ask some basic questions, such as "Are you in your comfort zone? Why are you in this specific comfort zone? When you step out of it, either voluntarily or forced, what happens? What happens when you are pushed out of this almost sacred zone without your knowledge?"

Video Art: Vandana Menon
Original Sound Composition: Kamal Singh and Rahul Giri
Performers: Nitant Nair, Masoom Parmar, Niranjan Harish

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