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How Do We Move?

Course length

20 Hours

About the course

The human body is the dancer's instrument of expression. Understanding how the body works can help a dancer stay in shape, improve their performance, increase their confidence and prolong their career. It can also help a dancer avoid injury. If an injury does occur, knowledge of human anatomy and biomechanics can contribute to a safe healing and recovery process. As a dancer, your body is your tool, your instrument, your livelihood, your passion and your constant collaborator. This is why it is so important for dancers to have a comprehensive knowledge of their anatomical structure, limitations, and unique idiosyncrasies. This knowledge also helps the dancer move effectively using proper muscle action, which prevents injury and increases the longevity of the performance.

This 20-hour workshop uses movement and visual aids to help the dancer understand their body and how it works. The workshop also teaches safe muscle stretching techniques and the science behind movement.

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