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Koi Sunta Hai

2019, Nrityagram

"Koi Sunta Hai" wishes to share the love of poetry from the Nirgun, Bhakti and Sufi traditions, which contain within them the message of brotherhood, with the audience from all walks of life.

A one day music festival, the first edition of Koi Sunta Hai was held on February 23, 2019 at Nrityagram. The voices of these poets will urge us to listen to our inner voice, discard false pride, greed and hatred and embrace all people joyfully, irrespective of divisions by caste and creed. In a city marked by great contrasts of faith, geography, wealth and power, there is an urgent need to reconnect with the secular democratic ideas embodied in this poetry that has long been part of the country's rich cultural traditions. The festival draws on a rich and diverse treasure trove of performers from the Nirgun, Bhakti and Sufi traditions from across the country to promote the values of love and equality.

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