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On Living with the World

2018, Shoonya - Centre for Art and Somatic Practices

We spend our whole lives here, whether we like it or not. We have countless experiences to share, some to relive and some to forget. Some of them offer us comfort and hope and yet many push us to despair, they shape who we are. 'On living with this world' seeks to explore this through movement, from the body and beyond. 'On living with the world' assumes that everything is the stage, that all bodies are present, that the performers and the performance are everywhere in the space. Some of the experiences are visual, some auditory, some tactile, and some perhaps even olfactory. By engaging with these experiences, we will create a performance together.

Performers Diya Naidu, Priyabrat Panigrahi, Dayita Nereyeth, Anishaa Tavag, Shikhar Martolia, Masoom Parmar, Ajeesh K Balakrishnan, Pia Bungalowala and Poorna Swami
Directed by Vinod Ravindran
Production: Bharavi
Sound Design: Sachin Gurjale

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