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The Platform

2019, Shoonya - Centre for Art and Somatic Practices

As the name suggests, the Platform features work by young dancers from the city. 16 artistes will show their work on each Saturday and Sunday evening in September 2019. The performances encompass a variety of dance forms - contemporary, folk and classical - to give the audience a truly holistic experience of Indian dance.

The performances were preceded by panel discussions by senior artists on wide-ranging themes and workshops by the performers, aimed at arts connoisseurs and supporters, aspiring students and lovers of dance in the city and region.

The aim of this festival is to bring all the dancers of the city - students, aspiring professionals and senior artists - under one roof, to organise the dance sector, to showcase the excellence of Indian dance to a large audience, to educate the audience and raise awareness about various dance forms and to build a community for the art. And to give a stage to emerging talent and to seed and nurture the future of our arts ecosystem.

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