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Parmar is an IFA grantee (2021-22), a Global ISPA fellow (2022) & a Rohini Nilekani Philanthropies grantee (2019). As a movement practitioner, curator and an arts manager, Parmar wears several hats. Influenced by his own diverse ancestry, his work explores ideas of identity and belonging through the oral, literary and cultural heritage of the subcontinent. He is invested in finding the secular and contemporary in the classical forms of Bharatanatyam and Kathak.

His work is at once sensual and spiritual, while the movement vocabulary plays with 'thehraav' decelerating the pace of time to elevate each moment through his performance, allowing for the eyes to unravel and magnify the layers beneath.

A gifted linguist with formidable interpersonal skills, Masoom has an uncanny ability to seek out & build amiable professional relationships with dancers & art connoisseurs. His commitment to making the arts a commercially viable career finds expression in associations and collaborations with established and emerging artistes across India.

His curatorial work explores the multiplicity and diversity of culture in the Indian subcontinent. He is fascinated by the cross-cultural occurrences that have given birth to different art forms and intends to bring these from the margins to the centre.

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