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Arts Administration

Course length

78 Hours

About the course

Developed keeping in mind the current requirements and gaps in the Indian Performing Arts Ecosystem, ARTS ADMINISTRATION is a digital course spread over 5 months taught by some of the leading arts managers of India.

The course is designed to equip participants with tools for managing artists and performing arts organisations. The learning can also be applied to their own practise. The goal is to build a network of arts managers and administrators who work both in their individual capacity and collectively for the advancement of an otherwise unstructured and often neglected field that contributes millions to the Indian economy.

Participants will learn the following subjects from experienced faculty:
1. Branding
2. Content Marketing
3. Entrepreneurship Laws, Copyrights and Trademarks
4. Production Management
5. Curation
6. Sponsorship & Fundraising
7. Grant Proposal Writing
8. Audience Development
9. Inclusivity, Diversity & Sexual Harassment

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